gladdecease: (*crossover type stuff)
I've been going through my GoogleDocs (well, now my Drive, apparently), properly organizing things for what may be the first time, and I came across this snippet.

It requires a bit of background, I guess. Back in 2010, I was working on my [ profile] xover_exchange fic (what would eventually become Gus (and John) Walks into a Restaurant, the title for which is a very unclever revamp of the title of the episode in which Gus last was taken hostage). I had gotten the idea in my head that a three-way crossover would be both fun and challenging... but found myself getting stuck on the plot, as it were.

As part of brainstorming, I wrote out this scene, in which the 'sidekicks' got together for a couple drinks while the photographic memory guys went out on their own.

“Alright. Three blokes with photographic memories walk into a bar.” )