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Here's one of the false starts that ultimately led to the Apocalyse Soon series.

I still have no idea what they're hunting - shapeshifters, maybe? Something humanoid in the sewers. Maybe it's dragons! I don't know, I never got that far before I decided it wouldn't fit the prompt, which was for Ten and Cas, not Ten and Winchesters. Ah well.

'I still don't see *why* it had to be the sewers,' Martha said nasally, pinching her nose shut. )
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A tentative idea for one of my [ profile] story_lottery prompts last round - Maze. Written before Rory had come back into the story.

I want to finish it, eventually. Or something like it, at least - Eleven should meet [spoiler] at some point in fic, as it'll never happen in Show.

(also, haha, I did not try to make my eleventh thing here a fic about eleven. wish I had, though, that would've been clever.)

Amy laid on the floor of the TARDIS, her head spinning after the - there was really no other word for it - crash-landing they'd just had. )