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Originally, I didn't think Amorphous would be long enough to qualify for [ profile] sncross_bigbang's word count. (Of course, even more originally I thought I would be writing an Apocalypse focused crossover. And later I thought to fudge together some legitimate Enochian for Aziraphale to use in the story. So you can see how original plans rarely make it to the final product.) So I had this plan: show several snippets of times Aziraphale ran into the Winchesters.

Including strikeouts and such with this one, as it's less prose and more outline.

The notes at the bottom were for sketching out a timeline for the Apocalypse storyline - Lucifer instructs Azazel to get on with it, as his Plan B, with Plan A being Adam et al, to be started a few years later.

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Azazel contacts Lucifer @ St Mary's convent (1972) -> getting people to make deals (1973 - ?) -> collecting on deals (1983 - ? 2006?)
Adam is born (1979) -> Adam is 11 (1990) -> (2010) Adam is 31