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Here's a confession for you: until they revealed Jaime was going to be in Season Two, I had no intention of watching Young Justice. (I wish I hadn't been so judgmental of the show based on its fandom; it's a very well put together, well structured show, relishes in legacy characters and incorporating as much of DC comics canon as physically possible, even when you'd think it impossible. It's a shame it seems to take so long to make, and that they're considering ending the show after S2.) Of course, once he was there, I went about my business plugging my ears to the only logical reason he could be a superhero.

Which is to say, I was hoping for something like this, even though I knew it was unlikely.

And then I started writing silly, ridiculous things re: that scenario, before we even had a canon first appearance for Jaime.

"Alert. Unidentified craft approaching Mount Justice. Alert." )