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Imagine a world where pairs of people are literally perfect for each other.

I don't mean they have no conflict, or that they're identical in every way; nor do I mean that they argue constantly, or that they're different in complementary ways. The most important relationship in a person's life can't be generalized that easily. I just mean that for whatever reason, they are vital and necessary to each other's life. It need not be sexual, or romantic - it is simply an essential connection, without which their lives are somehow, indescribably, less.

If you're a romantic person, you might be thinking, "Okay, but how is that any different from our world?"

The difference, you'll find, is that they have physical proof: a marking, a band around the base of the fourth finger of your dominant hand. It's called different things in different cultures, but the most common name for it is a True Ring, and it develops spontaneously the first time your soulmate looks you in the eye.

More details - including speculation/near-fic about how living a world with True Rings might have influenced events in stories you already know - below the cut. )
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I've already posted part of this AU as a response to [ profile] au_bingo, over here.

Here's the part that would have started the whole "followed the general plotline of the first part of Naruto" aspect of that AU. No, it doesn't make sense. No, I don't care to explain it with ~logic. Maybe it's a hyperbolic parody of standardized testing, maybe this story takes place in a post-apocalyptic high school where they value teamwork and physical agility as well as intelligence, I don't know!

The bell rang. Fourth period was over. )
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You ever wish so hard for a certain scene to happen in a story, but know you've got a snowball's chance in hell of actually seeing it happen?

That happens to me a lot with manga, which progress terribly slowly week by week. I imagine there's a similar thing with weekly comics as well, but I was never really into them. For manga, though, I sit on the edge of my seat every week, anxiously hoping for XXXX development or for [character] to finally bring up XXXX, only to find that the story has briefly detoured to give a minor character time to shine.

Anyway, I want to see these scenes, but between my impatience and the chance that the story goes in - gasp - a different direction, I ended up writing them instead. And really, they're so short, and meaningless outside the context of the current plotline, who would want to see them but me?

Well, me and whoever's following this journal, I guess.

Scene 1 - Team 10 fight resolution )

Scene 2 - Gaara, Lee, and Kimimaro )
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Everybody writes a Peggy Sue* fic once in their life, right?

This was the beginning of mine. (More to come.)

* Warning: TV Tropes link. If you click, good luck getting out of there before tomorrow.

Where will I end up?

That's... hard to say. We want you to blend in as well as possible, so you don't raise any suspicions. We're sending you into a body that's just died, about ten years before you were born. Make yourself just above-average - enough to reach ANBU and be assigned to the mission concerning Uchiha Sasuke.

And Sandaime Hokage-sama? Jiraiya-sama? Are we just going to let them die?

It's all we can afford to send you back to deal with a single issue. If we were to stop Orochimaru that early, it's impossible to predict what would happen next. And what could we do to help Jiraiya-sama, when he went to Rain by himself? No, just prevent Naruto from getting caught in the traps set for him by Kabuto.

After that? If I'm successful, it's as you said: everything that comes after that will change.

Be on your guard. Getting past these traps will mean nothing if we get caught in any sprung after that.


Oh, and one more thing, though it should go without saying...

Yes, Shikamaru?

Don't allow anyone to know who you really are - and what really happens - if at all possible. The very idea that this could happen would bring any normal man to the brink of insanity.

Of course.

Now, strap yourself in. We'll need your body safe if something goes wrong with the transfer.

A woman screamed. )