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I found some old notebooks today! Transcripts of other fic snippets will be coming along shortly, after I pull out some that I can salvage for [community profile] trope_bingo prompts.

This one, though, is definitely too short to be of use. A Hakuba POV scene from this Psych-inspired futurefic.

Hakuba's day hasn't been going all that great up to this point. )
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At the top of that Psych fic, scribbled down in a moment of inspiration while I was in the middle of the other fic, is this:
(oh my god AU!MK with Akako as Shawn, Aoko and Hakuba as detectives!
kind of dumb sounding, but expresses the acceptance/suspicion of Juliet/Lassiter)
but Kaito doesn't ~fit~
I suppose being KID, who she helps hunt down in the pilot, could work.
He then helps her hunt down the BOrg - "under police guidance", of course.
With "I am totally following up on this idea." written next to that.

So. Yeah. Kind of a Psych fusion? Kind of a future fic, though a very strange future it would be?

oh, and KID didn't actually get into this part, nor is he following the role described above. this is too early in the story for that. )
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This was originally going to be part of the denouement to an epic Magic Kaito end-the-series fic, inspired by something said about Pandora. The gem's powers are activated "when the full moon shines on the red tower" or something like that. That, plus the fact that Tokyo Tower is orangey-red, led me to the plot. I'm sure I have another piece lying around somewhere, probably more plot-related than this.

And yes, I can see the tense issues. Ignoring them for now.

Akako has been sitting out there for the better part of an hour. )