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I had this idea a few years back of attempting the [ profile] 30_kisses challenge with Ichigo/Orihime, with a "five lives" twist. About five prompts per life, tracking the course of their relationship over each life, with five extra prompts for Ichigo and Orihime in present day. I actually had it pretty well mapped out, identified which prompts went with which lives etc.

Now, I look at some of it and go "...what was I thinking?" But I enjoyed coming up with the ideas, might as well record the ones I actually wrote out somewhere for posterity.

So here, half-prose, half-outline, is Ichigo's weird dream during Chapter 347. I'm fairly certain this was going to be for prompt #30: kiss, and that I wrote out the part with the Vizards in more detail. Probably lost that file when my computer crashed, though.

He falls out of bed, awake, remembering nothing. )