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Long time, blah blah, life, blah blah, you know the drill by now.

Though tbh, I mostly haven't posted because I haven't been writing. (Life, seriously.) But I did put myself to work at a significant project for a few months, and I've been thinking about it enough lately that I decided to just post what I'd been thinking.

So, here is the story of the trope_bingo single fic blackout that didn't happen.

It was January 2016... )
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I've been going through my GoogleDocs (well, now my Drive, apparently), properly organizing things for what may be the first time, and I came across this snippet.

It requires a bit of background, I guess. Back in 2010, I was working on my [ profile] xover_exchange fic (what would eventually become Gus (and John) Walks into a Restaurant, the title for which is a very unclever revamp of the title of the episode in which Gus last was taken hostage). I had gotten the idea in my head that a three-way crossover would be both fun and challenging... but found myself getting stuck on the plot, as it were.

As part of brainstorming, I wrote out this scene, in which the 'sidekicks' got together for a couple drinks while the photographic memory guys went out on their own.

“Alright. Three blokes with photographic memories walk into a bar.” )
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I've already posted part of this AU as a response to [ profile] au_bingo, over here.

Here's the part that would have started the whole "followed the general plotline of the first part of Naruto" aspect of that AU. No, it doesn't make sense. No, I don't care to explain it with ~logic. Maybe it's a hyperbolic parody of standardized testing, maybe this story takes place in a post-apocalyptic high school where they value teamwork and physical agility as well as intelligence, I don't know!

The bell rang. Fourth period was over. )