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Next up: an ancient TWoof OC POV thing! I think this one was supposed to have a clever "aha! you think you know who these characters are but you don't" reveal, wherein the alpha mentioned is Scott, not Derek? I don't know, it's been forever since I thought about this one.

Have you ever had a single day fundamentally change your life? A day that took everything you thought to be true and turned it on its head? )
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This one, if I recall correctly, is a large extract from what eventually became Thank You For..., a fic about Steve Wanting to smoke but feeling as though he doesn't Deserve to. The fic originally was a broad approach to "things smol Steve couldn't do that future Steve tries". Your basic post-Avengers "Steve adjusting to the future" fic, really.

It very quickly got too big for me to handle, though, so I dropped 80-90% of the material. I only fleshed out two of the elements significantly, so a chunk of this is pretty bulletpointed/notficcy.

Satisfied with the number remaining, he rewrites them on a new page. He adds one or two lines of his own, ideas out of a skinny asthmatic's fever dreams, and titles the page “Things I Never Got To Do”. )
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Geez, long time no blog.

Well, that's how it goes with me, I guess - tiny bursts of posting and then nothing at all for a year or more.

I'm finally giving up on a few pieces that have been lingering in my editpad files for... probably longer than a year, honestly? But I'm feeling like it's time to let go of these ficbits, see if I can get something else written once they're out of my mind.

This one would have been part of rumors of my death, etc. It's an in-between for the first part and end one (Took the Slow Path), which I wrote when I was still working out how detailed I wanted the multiple endings to be.

Somehow, eventually, Bucky gets up off the floor. )