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Everybody writes a Peggy Sue* fic once in their life, right?

This was the beginning of mine. (More to come.)

* Warning: TV Tropes link. If you click, good luck getting out of there before tomorrow.

Where will I end up?

That's... hard to say. We want you to blend in as well as possible, so you don't raise any suspicions. We're sending you into a body that's just died, about ten years before you were born. Make yourself just above-average - enough to reach ANBU and be assigned to the mission concerning Uchiha Sasuke.

And Sandaime Hokage-sama? Jiraiya-sama? Are we just going to let them die?

It's all we can afford to send you back to deal with a single issue. If we were to stop Orochimaru that early, it's impossible to predict what would happen next. And what could we do to help Jiraiya-sama, when he went to Rain by himself? No, just prevent Naruto from getting caught in the traps set for him by Kabuto.

After that? If I'm successful, it's as you said: everything that comes after that will change.

Be on your guard. Getting past these traps will mean nothing if we get caught in any sprung after that.


Oh, and one more thing, though it should go without saying...

Yes, Shikamaru?

Don't allow anyone to know who you really are - and what really happens - if at all possible. The very idea that this could happen would bring any normal man to the brink of insanity.

Of course.

Now, strap yourself in. We'll need your body safe if something goes wrong with the transfer.

A woman screamed. )