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Long time, blah blah, life, blah blah, you know the drill by now.

Though tbh, I mostly haven't posted because I haven't been writing. (Life, seriously.) But I did put myself to work at a significant project for a few months, and I've been thinking about it enough lately that I decided to just post what I'd been thinking.

So, here is the story of the trope_bingo single fic blackout that didn't happen.

It was January 2016... )
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For all that musing and talking of abandoning lj wholeheartedly and actually taking up blogging over here, I never actually... did.

(Shock, shock, surprise, surprise, I know.)

Of course, I haven't done much in the way of blogging since... May... anyway. Microblogging, yes, because twitter is near and dear to my heart, in a "shouting into the void" kind of way, but I haven't used my livejournal either, and my tumblr presence, while near-constant, has been 99.999% fannish.

Sometimes it seems like keeping these blogs at all is a bit of a waste, feigning at activity just to preserve a record I'll never peruse. (God, can you imagine reading over my lj circa 2008? No friggin' thanks.)

But fuck that noise. Infrequently or not, inarticulately or otherwise, I'm gonna keep blogging.

I've been in a writing freeze since May - a single Clairestiel ficlet aside - and as far as I can tell, I'm only going to be able to get back in the swing of things if I start actually writing. Not necessarily fic, but I think getting my hands typing certainly won't hurt potential ficcing.

So... day one. We'll see where it goes.
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Remix reveals have happened!

I took Brenda's fic As Time Goes By, in which Tony creates a pre-op ritual for the Avengers of macking on Cap, Clint feels guilty, and Steve misses Bucky, and thought to myself "okay, so let's add Bucky."*

This gave me As Time Goes By (The Fundamental Things Apply Remix), in which Bucky, remembering himself, watches the Avengers, watches over the Avengers, and eventually refuses to let Steve get away with erasing that pre-op ritual.

It's not what I wanted to write at the start - that fic was going to be The Passing It On Remix, and in it Clint was going to talk Bucky though his own, similar guilt, with a bit of a postscript of Bucky joining in on the pre-op kissing - but that fic just wouldn't come together in time. The emotion of it felt... off, no matter what I did with it, so the week before posting I scrapped it.

The Fundamental Things Apply is a little more lighthearted, a little recovery details-light, and ends silly and fluffy as hell. Once I accepted this was not going to be a Serious Fic, I guess I kind of embraced that? And tbh, the mental image of Bucky V-J Day kissing Steve made me smile for hours after I wrote it.

*(Funnily enough, that's the same thought process someone else had for a Remix Madness take on the same fic.)
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I don't know if I'm actually going to make the switch over, but lj is something of a nightmare these days, and I'm tempted more often than not.

Either way, I've crossposted all of my active challenge tables. When lj cooperates I'll keep those tables updated, but I think the dw versions will be the primary tables.

[community profile] space_swap reveals went up Saturday - the wonderful Star Trek: AOS podfic that was recorded for me was done by nickelmountain, who has a lovely recording voice and has recorded podfics in a number of my other fandoms, which I'm gonna check out soonish.

I, in a terribly predictable move, wrote the only crossover of the exchange - so are thunder and lightning, in which Martha Jones investigates the second Thor incident before leaving UNIT to go freelance - for raktajinos.

Also of interest this weekend was the Remix Redux 11 collection going live! Some mysterious author wrote an interesting take on my Carol Marcus study, simply titled Ripples Remix. If you think you know which remix I did, leave a comment with the link! If you're right, I'll write you a ficlet. c: