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Been awhile, huh? The last year was not my greatest, writing-wise. That creative writing class I was taking last time I posted did... not go well. But I can say the same for most of that semester. Anyway, what time I didn't spend crashing and burning I spent hoarding plot bunnies, rather than dropping off some here so I could focus on the ones I was more interested in. I've been going through a lot of saved drafts the past few days, debating whether to attempt to salvage any of them.

This one was nearly a tumblr ficlet that I didn't finish writing before it was no longer relevant. I think it actually dates back to late 2011 rather than early 2012? It's a behind the scenes moment for Snow White's escape into the woods as facilitated by the Huntsman; the gifset that inspired it can be found here.

Snow runs until it feels as though her heart will thump its way out of her chest if she continues. )
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I'd call it a drabble but I didn't bother with a word count. Just something I typed up in response to a cute thing on tumblr.

(Yes, I have a tumblr now. Tumblrs are cool.)

Expect more of these in the future; I've had some serious difficulty writing lately, and I'm trying to get back into it in small bursts.

“Bard,” she whispers. )