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Next up: an ancient TWoof OC POV thing! I think this one was supposed to have a clever "aha! you think you know who these characters are but you don't" reveal, wherein the alpha mentioned is Scott, not Derek? I don't know, it's been forever since I thought about this one.

Have you ever had a single day fundamentally change your life? A day that took everything you thought to be true and turned it on its head? )
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This one, if I recall correctly, is a large extract from what eventually became Thank You For..., a fic about Steve Wanting to smoke but feeling as though he doesn't Deserve to. The fic originally was a broad approach to "things smol Steve couldn't do that future Steve tries". Your basic post-Avengers "Steve adjusting to the future" fic, really.

It very quickly got too big for me to handle, though, so I dropped 80-90% of the material. I only fleshed out two of the elements significantly, so a chunk of this is pretty bulletpointed/notficcy.

Satisfied with the number remaining, he rewrites them on a new page. He adds one or two lines of his own, ideas out of a skinny asthmatic's fever dreams, and titles the page “Things I Never Got To Do”. )
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Geez, long time no blog.

Well, that's how it goes with me, I guess - tiny bursts of posting and then nothing at all for a year or more.

I'm finally giving up on a few pieces that have been lingering in my editpad files for... probably longer than a year, honestly? But I'm feeling like it's time to let go of these ficbits, see if I can get something else written once they're out of my mind.

This one would have been part of rumors of my death, etc. It's an in-between for the first part and end one (Took the Slow Path), which I wrote when I was still working out how detailed I wanted the multiple endings to be.

Somehow, eventually, Bucky gets up off the floor. )
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For all that musing and talking of abandoning lj wholeheartedly and actually taking up blogging over here, I never actually... did.

(Shock, shock, surprise, surprise, I know.)

Of course, I haven't done much in the way of blogging since... May... anyway. Microblogging, yes, because twitter is near and dear to my heart, in a "shouting into the void" kind of way, but I haven't used my livejournal either, and my tumblr presence, while near-constant, has been 99.999% fannish.

Sometimes it seems like keeping these blogs at all is a bit of a waste, feigning at activity just to preserve a record I'll never peruse. (God, can you imagine reading over my lj circa 2008? No friggin' thanks.)

But fuck that noise. Infrequently or not, inarticulately or otherwise, I'm gonna keep blogging.

I've been in a writing freeze since May - a single Clairestiel ficlet aside - and as far as I can tell, I'm only going to be able to get back in the swing of things if I start actually writing. Not necessarily fic, but I think getting my hands typing certainly won't hurt potential ficcing.

So... day one. We'll see where it goes.