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thing the twenty-fourth [yj; blue beetle-centric]

Here's a confession for you: until they revealed Jaime was going to be in Season Two, I had no intention of watching Young Justice. (I wish I hadn't been so judgmental of the show based on its fandom; it's a very well put together, well structured show, relishes in legacy characters and incorporating as much of DC comics canon as physically possible, even when you'd think it impossible. It's a shame it seems to take so long to make, and that they're considering ending the show after S2.) Of course, once he was there, I went about my business plugging my ears to the only logical reason he could be a superhero.

Which is to say, I was hoping for something like this, even though I knew it was unlikely.

And then I started writing silly, ridiculous things re: that scenario, before we even had a canon first appearance for Jaime.

"Alert. Unidentified craft approaching Mount Justice. Alert."

As members of the team trickled into the ops room, Nightwing stared at the half dozen screens showing different angles on the incoming object. "Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Looks like a giant blue... beetle." All eyes turned on Blue Beetle, who looked like he wanted to sink into the floor.

"What are they doing here?" he hissed. As if on cue, sound kicked in.

"Hello?" asked someone from within the craft. "Hellooooo? Anybody home?" Then, softer, "Booster, are you sure this is the right place?"

"Yes, I'm sure!" another voice snapped. "They dragged us to the Young Justice museum so often in school I could lead you there blindfolded."

"Okay, you say that, but I'm not exactly seeing an entrance here. Or a welcome party..." The bug-shaped ship floated closer to Mount Justice, and automated defenses kicked in. "Uh, forget I said anything."

"How do you always jinx things like this?" the other voice complained. The first voice responded, and things quickly spilled over into a full blown argument. With the comms still on.

"What are we looking at here, Blue Beetle?" Nightwing asked, poised to make the weapons systems fire or withdraw at a moment's notice. "Friend or foe?"

Blue Beetle sighed. "Friend," he said, tapping at his ear. "Hey, Booster. Booster. Booster."

The voices quieted. "That you, kid?"

"You're at the right place - " "Ha! Told ya." " - but what are you doing here?"

"Well, since your mother banned us from visiting during the school week, which was not my fault, I don't care what Ted says - " "I say it was totally your fault, Booster." " - we decided to surprise you during 'work hours'. And since El Paso has been Beetle-free for the last few weeks..."

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