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thing the twenty-third [dc; batman: b&tb issue #13]

Though I have mixed feelings towards Comics, I adore Cartoons Based On Comics as a whole; likewise, Comics Based On Cartoons Based On Comics tend to be good. They get to do things with characters not licensed for animated works, while still keeping to the less convoluted timelines and generally lighter storytelling found in the cartoon!

Brave & the Bold #13 was an All the Robins! story that brought in Robins from the present, future, and alternate universes; on the last page, it also pulled in present, future, and alternate universe Batgirls. Naturally, I wanted to expand on that. Unfortunately, I'd yet to read anything featuring a good half of these characters in their Robin or Batgirl forms, so my characterization was... well.

Right now, I kind of want to write fic where the Batgirls get to shine in an episode not unlike Batman: the Brave and the Bold issue 13. Hopefully something happens while all the Robins are still around, and Steph can gush at how *cute* the younger thems all are. Incuding herself - hi, younger me!

Hi... older me? Stephanie the Robin replies. You were a Robin? Damian asks incredulously. Of course I was a Robin, don't you see me standing there in the outfit? When could you have possibly been Robin, though? Before - Batgirl Stephanie hesitates. I can't really say with her standing right there, can I? You know - can't tell myself about my own future! But there was a while when Tim wasn't, and that's when I was.

I may not know too much about what's going on here, aside from the fact that Batman's still not completely safe now, even with the Lazarus Pit healing him, Nightwing says. You've got that right, Nightwing, Barbara the Batgirl says, smiling comfortably up at him. And can I just say, I've really missed this outfit of yours. Brings back a lot of fond memories. Oh, yeah? Yeah, of laughing at you for wearing it after you gave it up. You were so embarrassed by it!

Yeah, yeah, okay, can we stop talking about the future and get back to the problem here? Jason barks. How are we supposed to save Batman when the Lazarus Pit didn't do anything? Now that his body is healed, Cass Batgirl says cautiously, that woman... Madame Xanadu? She can heal his mind? Then why would she bring us in, if she could do it herself? Tim wonders.

Steph cheered and clung to Batman's side the first chance she got. This was awesome! Well, it had been kind of scary when she thought he was going to die, and then when she thought he might go crazy because of the Lazarus Pit, but now that he was okay it was totally awesome! She'd traveled in time, saved Batman, and worked with all the other Robins to do it - what wasn't awesome about that?

"Uh..." Batman sounded really confused. "Do I know all of you?"

"Figure you will," Carrie said with a smirk.

Batman shared a look with Nightwing (who, by the way, had maybe the most awesome costume Steph had ever seen). "I suppose - " He cut himself off with a groan.

"Batman?" Steph loosened her grip on his side. Maybe she shouldn't be squeezing so hard when he was just healed...

Clutching at his side, Batman fell to one knee. "Ugh, my... I feel..." Moaning weakly, he collapsed to the ground.


Panicked, Steph jumped back, giving the other Robins room to investigate.

"You were closest to him," Nightwing said to her, inspecting Batman carefully. "Did you see anything? A dart, poison, anything?"

Shaking her head helplessly, Steph said, "No, nothing." So much for everything being awesome. Now Batman was dying again, and she couldn't do a thing to help.

"Then maybe he wasn't attacked," Jason said darkly. "Maybe he was never healed!" Turning to Ra's al-Ghul, Jason lifted a fist threateningly and demanded, "What did you do to him?"

Ra's hadn't reacted to Batman's collapse, but he did at this. An eyebrow lifted in conjunction with the corner of his lip; the long-lived villain was amused. "Not a thing, Robins," he said lowly. "But if it's something not even a Lazarus Pit can heal, you can do nothing more here, and I must ask you to leave."

What a jerk! "Why you - " Steph started, but stopped short at Tim's hand on her shoulder. If he was trying to calm her down, he wasn't doing a very good job of it; his hand was shaking.

"Not now, Steph," he whispered. "Please."

Okay, Steph conceded, maybe antagonizing the bad guy after he'd tried to help them out wasn't the best idea ever. Grumbling under her breath, she followed Jason and Nightwing out of the cave, Batman's arms slung over their shoulders.

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