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thing the twelfth [doctor who/supernatural; chasing the same creature]

Here's one of the false starts that ultimately led to the Apocalyse Soon series.

I still have no idea what they're hunting - shapeshifters, maybe? Something humanoid in the sewers. Maybe it's dragons! I don't know, I never got that far before I decided it wouldn't fit the prompt, which was for Ten and Cas, not Ten and Winchesters. Ah well.

"I still don't see why it had to be the sewers," Martha said nasally, pinching her nose shut. The stench of sewage was all around - one way America had notably changed since the 1930's, though the sewer tunnels were still a difficult maze to navigate.

"Because," the Doctor said impatiently, "these creatures live in the sewers." He plodded forward into the tunnel, never minding what he stepped on and over. Martha stepped more carefully, and found herself quickly falling behind as the Doctor's stride became longer.

"Hey, wait up!" she called, chasing after him, only to nearly run into him when he stopped suddenly. "What did you stop for?"

The Doctor turned to her, finger on his lips, hushing. "Be quiet," he whispered. "There's something there, just around the corner."

"What?" Martha asked quietly, trying to peek past his shoulder. The Doctor pushed firmly at her shoulder until she stopped trying to look.

"I'm not sure what it is," he said once she'd backed off. "It might just be a sewer worker. Or it might be the creature we're looking for. Better safe than sorry, yeah?"

"Right." Martha leaned back, but couldn't help looking over the Doctor's shoulder one last time. A man was running at them, holding up something sharp that shone in the light. "Doctor!" she cried, grabbing him and tugging. With a cry of shock, the Doctor fell towards her, narrowly avoiding being stabbed.

Spinning around, the Doctor stared at his attacker. "What?" The man swiped his knife at the Doctor again, who jumped out of the way. "Wait, wait, just hold on a minute!" he shouted. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" the attacker asked, adjusting his grip on the knife. He grinned, wide and bloodthirsty.

"Doctor, I don't think asking nicely is going to do anything," Martha said warily.

"Yeah," said a low voice behind Martha, "he never learned how to play nice." A pair of frighteningly strong arms wrapped around her, and she shrieked.

"Martha!" The Doctor tried to move closer to her, to help somehow, but his attacker stabbed out again.

"Let go of me!" She stomped on his foot, but her captor just chuckled.

"Steel toed boots," he said. "Haven't let me down yet. Sam," he added to the man swinging a knife at the Doctor. "Want to finish this up? We've got more than these two to deal with."