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thing the tenth [supernatural; claire-focused future au]

I think this was originally going to be part of a submission to a Supernatural fic exchange. Which doesn't say much, as I've been part of at least three of those where Novaks are involved. :/

It feels like Claire has been on the move forever. She knows it isn't true - remembers a time before angels and demons, when her biggest concerns were school, friends, and family - but the time when it wasn't true is so distant now it's like she was another person then.

Claire, before.

And now she's Claire, after, who salts doorways and has a silver tipped option on her Swiss Army knife, who goes to church and never prays.

The problem with small towns, besides their attractive nature to supernatural beings trying to be discrete, is that people notice if you stick around too long. She tries to blend in, but it never lasts long, for one reason or another.

Like now, sitting at the back of an empty church long after services have ended. She's staring up at their stained glass rendition of the crucifixion, wondering if angelic rapture is supposed to look like that, when the priest approaches. He sits next to her, and she sighs, feeling the weight of another move settling on her shoulders.

"What can I do for you, Father?" The question echoes in the quiet, empty spaces of the holy building.

People used to flock here, when the Apocalypse was at its worst. They pleaded with a god who would not hear them, begging for salvation they would not receive.

But years have passed, and they have forgotten.

"Claire," the priest says gently, interrupting her thoughts. "Some of the other members of the congregation have been wondering..."

"Why a nonbeliever bothers to come?" she asks. At his expression, she adds, "Don't be so surprised - it's a question I've gotten a lot."

"It does seem somewhat... unusual," he says.

A breath huffs out of her in something resembling a laugh. "Not really," she says. "I'm just the only one here who'll admit it. They acknowledge His existence, same as everybody, but they don't believe He really cares about them individually, or that He will help them. And neither do I."

The priest frowns, leans away from Claire. "Then why - " he starts.

"Because there are things I do believe in, and this seems like the best way to get in contact with them."