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thing zero [intro post, prompt tables, plot bunnies-in-progress]

Hi, I'm Meredith! I'm 26, aro ace, Jewish, and prefer she/her pronouns. I go by gladdecease most everywhere (Meredith ~ merry death ~ glad decease, I was 14 and it sounded both deep and unique), and for the most part I'm a lurker. I write, but rarely crosspost or advertise my fics. I tumbl, but it's more reblogs than original content. I tweet, when I have no other outlet for rants or want to talk about something no one I know cares about.

My dreamwidth has been, for the most part, a place to abandon WIPs and scenes too incomplete for AO3 posting... as well as for my once in a blue moon original fiction. If that's something you'd be interested in seeing, feel free to subscribe!

I use the comments on this post to hold the prompt tables/bingo cards/etc that I'm working on, or have worked on in the past. Please don't comment on them - your comments will be screened regardless, but I edit in links as the prompts get filled, and your replies would prevent me from doing that.

Below the cut is an incomplete list of Fics What I Am Working On Currently. (For a generous definition of "working on". And "currently".) PM or comment if you're curious about any of them!

  • The Matt/Foggy soulmate mark/miscommunication out the wazoo fic, which has been in progress since a week after the first M/F soulmate mark fic appeared on AO3. >>;
  • The C&DP clone baby fic - I have to figure out when in their respective timelines I'm setting this before it can really be written. Definitely post-divorce, if not post-Messiah Thing.
  • The C&DP first words soulmate mark AU - yes, yes I know. But look. Look. Split Second fucked me up, okay?
  • Related: Cable POV fic re: the amazing Split Second retcon, and how it puts his attitude toward Wade in a new light.
  • Brucetasha (and Bruce/Betty, and queerplatonic Clintasha) fic in my Ringmates AU. Also a 'five women who find bruce in micronesia' fic.
  • Something about Wanda Maximoff in the wake of CACW, and how she deserves precisely none of this shit.

  • The ocp fic with a Falconers/Aces star-crossed pair... of cats.
  • The ocp fic where Jack sees a nude on Tater's phone - and recognizes the guy.
  • The Team reacts to a Certain Moment in a v good fic I love which welcomes transformative works. c:0

  • The Alec&Simon trapped together fic, which has a lot of banter for me, and which I'd hoped to finish before s2 happened. >>;;;;
  • The Malec first words soulmate mark fi - yeah, okay, look. Their first exchange of words is super dumb, I can't resist that.

Star Wars
  • The Rogue One time travel fix-it fic that is entirely @onetobeamup's fault.
  • Corollaries and related stories to the ttf-i fic.

Supernatural (yes, really)
  • The s9 of SPN, Anna's not dead fic. Yes, I'm still upset about her death.
  • The Naomi POV s4-9 fic. I'm not emotionally invested in this one, but it's fun to write.

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