Jan. 4th, 2013

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/dusts off

Been awhile, huh? The last year was not my greatest, writing-wise. That creative writing class I was taking last time I posted did... not go well. But I can say the same for most of that semester. Anyway, what time I didn't spend crashing and burning I spent hoarding plot bunnies, rather than dropping off some here so I could focus on the ones I was more interested in. I've been going through a lot of saved drafts the past few days, debating whether to attempt to salvage any of them.

This one was nearly a tumblr ficlet that I didn't finish writing before it was no longer relevant. I think it actually dates back to late 2011 rather than early 2012? It's a behind the scenes moment for Snow White's escape into the woods as facilitated by the Huntsman; the gifset that inspired it can be found here.

Snow runs until it feels as though her heart will thump its way out of her chest if she continues. )
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Though I have mixed feelings towards Comics, I adore Cartoons Based On Comics as a whole; likewise, Comics Based On Cartoons Based On Comics tend to be good. They get to do things with characters not licensed for animated works, while still keeping to the less convoluted timelines and generally lighter storytelling found in the cartoon!

Brave & the Bold #13 was an All the Robins! story that brought in Robins from the present, future, and alternate universes; on the last page, it also pulled in present, future, and alternate universe Batgirls. Naturally, I wanted to expand on that. Unfortunately, I'd yet to read anything featuring a good half of these characters in their Robin or Batgirl forms, so my characterization was... well.

Something of a dialogue-heavy outline of my first attempt. )

A more prose-like Robin!Steph POV immediately following #13, intended to lead up to the introduction of Batgirls (but which never got that far in the story). )