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highlights of the outlining process (or: i am a god damn delight)

Finn is convinced Rey’s in trouble; Poe thinks this is re: Starkiller fight, reassures him, but Finn says no, not that, it’s… she’s on a mountain in the middle of the ocean, and she’s scared? Which: what.

Finn is going to Go Find Rey whether y’all like it or not.
--Well, he’d like to, but. He’s been asleep for weeks, PT is kind of a thing he needs.
--Also, his back. [Gonna have to go light on the disability here, I think, to make the timeline of this fic work -- unless Finn’s convinced to chill out for a bit, until Rey has another terrifying vision, at which point he goes after her. Hm. Tabling that.]

kylo’s got one more task before snoke will ok him going after rey/luke: get confirmation that rey/luke are where you think they are via POE’S BRAIN

bb8 and finn are on a ROAD TRIP, or the space equivalent at least. bb8 was there when r2 woke up and provided context to the shard of map poe had given bb8, so bb8 knows where to go. how to get there... that's supposed to be finn's job? only he's not super good at it. he finds them a bar on the planet the cargo ship stopped at, at least? but how to get from point a to point rey when he can't speak most of the languages here is not something he considered previously.
then a woman sits in his lap (!!!) and says hey baby, miss me? really loudly and sweetly before whispering play along unless you want a blaster shot to the stomach. bb8 is a little outraged, and finn is not a good actor, but they manage to act wrapped up in each other long enough for whoever she's trying to avoid to leave. she gets up to go, but finn has realized that this is his chance and asks for her help booking passage to... somewhere. she's reluctant, but as he points out he did to her a favor ( gunpoint, sure, but).
she does hate to owe a person anything. introduces herself as miranda. [she's totally a calrissian daughter, btb. not that this is relevant yet.]
uses a favor someone owes her to get him transport from a guy they just call ~the doctor~ (possibly someone on board asks finn if that was his sister. "no? uh, well, i guess i don't know. i sure hope not." b/c haha OT references.) they get him closer to where he needs to be, but it feels like it's going to take forever. finn wishes poe had come with - not just because this would be so much easier with a pilot with him.

fn-2187 receives a commendation for his actions on jakku, locating the resistance pilot who had killed one of his comrades and apprehending the pilot. that he refrained from terminating the pilot with extreme prejudice speaks to fn-2187's ability to focus on the goals of the troop over his own instincts, which is why captain phasma also submits a promotion for fn-2187 to officer. this is naturally approved - phasma has a good eye for officer candidates, this is well established - and fn-2187 is granted leave to adopt a name to use with his new title.
a name. [We could check to see if you had a given name upon entry, or you can make one up for yourself. That’s what Phasma did…]

"your name is finn. you used to be a stormtrooper for the first order, but you escaped, with a resistance pilot named poe dameron, and then you met me."
"you realize that's all just words to me, right? i don't know what any of it means. or... why we're not currently drowning." he narrows his eyes at her. "you did just pull me into the ocean, right? i didn't imagine that."
"the ocean on this world is tied into the force. it changes your perceptions. normally i see different ways my life could have gone, not... this." she waves her arms around to encompass the great big emptiness they're currently floating in.
"maybe going in at the same time confused it?"

"hello, uncle."
"kylo ren." at the way he straightens up, luke adds, "or would you prefer i call you ben? as i understood it, you were no longer answering to that name."
"i prefer kylo ren."
luke nods, as if to say well, there you go.
"did you find what you were looking for, on this backwater moon?"
"and what do you think i was looking for?"
"the first jedi temple."
"for a - a source of power that would overwhelm snoke, and bring down the sith once and for all!"
"is that what you want?"
"i - " a frustrated sound.
"i see. it's what you want me to want. because then this is all about power, and that's something you understand. but i didn't come here for power, kylo ren."
"if not power, then what?"
"answers. come find some with me." and luke grabs kylo round the waist and falls backwards off the cliff and into the ocean.
what is this?
a place for answers. where your eyes are opened to possibilities new and old. at least, luke [edges], that's what it usually is. the presence of multiple minds seems to have... changed things.
it's no longer offering possibilities. just... insight, i suppose.
into what, me? all this time and you still don't understand, uncle.
no, i understand. i suppose that's the problem. you have so much of your grandfather in you, kylo ren.
of course i do! we're cyclical that way.
a skywalker dooms the jedi, a skywalker saves the jedi, a skywalker dooms the jedi - what long-lost offspring of yours shall come out of the woodwork to save the jedi again, i wonder?
i see. a republic, an empire, a republic - and soon, if nothing is done to stop it, another empire.
yes. these patterns repeat themselves, and why not? why shouldn't they? there's a beauty to the symmetry, to the asymmetry that follows, to the mirrored images - don't you think?
i don't -
not you, uncle. you.
he looks out into the emptiness, and you stare back.
[breaking the fourth wall is a bitch of a trope to incorporate into a fic like this]

finn wants to go after poe now - seems like that's his mo: finding a friend, losing a friend, finding a friend, losing a friend, finding the first lost friend, getting their help finding the second lost friend, losing a friend, losing a friend, finding the second lost friend, getting their help finding the first lost friend?? he likes his friends and he likes to keep them, is all.

leia is basically Done With Finn at this point, says she needs Luke Skywalker, Half-Decent Pilot just about as much as she needs Luke Skywalker, Last Jedi at this point. so please, baby brother, come home.

finn and luke board the finalizer or w/e ship this is and rescue poe! he totally uses the "aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" line on luke, who responds "i get that a lot, actually"

but then a Mystery Ship comes out of nowhere and tells them to board or be left behind.
it's miranda!
poe, luke, and finn all realize this at the same time, and say her name with very different tones of voice. this is where the fact that she's a calrissian comes into play - obvs luke knew her when she was growing up. poe knows her from being forced to interact (b/c they're of a similar age) at Social Events that rebellion folks went to in the early years of the new republic. she Bothered him Intensely, and then went off and became a smuggler and a scoundrel?? what an insult to her father.
daddy thinks, and always has thought, that it was hilarious how much i took after my uncle, and i'll thank you not to be insulted on his behalf over something that's none of your business.
she flirts with finn a lot. poe quietly rages. luke quietly laughs.

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