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What are my intended character arcs here?

-She ~accepted her destiny~ or w/e at the end of TFA. It’s why she goes after Luke. Now I guess we have to see her coming into that destiny? Learning more about her family, grappling with what they [or at least Obi-Wan] want for her, deciding whether that’s what she wants for her.
--Possibly something about found family > blood family, if she’s super against saving Kylo.
-Also just: Jedi training! What does that mean?
-TFA was about choosing, for Finn. Choosing to say no, choosing freedom, choosing people. He’s got to start living with those choices, now. Consequences of his actions, maybe? Or just trying to have it all (Rey AND Poe AND screwing over the First Order) and finding that it’s not as easy as that (things happening at the same time in different star systems, Gen. Organa wanting to shut him down)??
-Honestly, did not have a visible arc in TFA that I’m aware of. He was just a Resistance pilot Doing His Job. I suppose with his first scene in this fic I’ve already decided he needs a recovery/stop repressing shit arc? idk how well that jives with TFA Poe, but it’s already happening, so.
-He’s not really in enough scenes here to justify an arc?? But unfortunately he kind of needs one. He influences Rey’s (and the twins’) too much to leave things as a vague “he’s around, being evil and shit” status quo. So… in TFA he confesses to being torn between light and dark, thinks it’s too late to choose light, so goes Super dark. I guess we should indicate some low key regrets? Being less mean when he invades Poe’s mind this time? Less in control??
--Also: going after Rey/Luke against orders from Snoke?? He wants to prove to Himself that he is Super dark and can beat them now, but… idk, that doesn’t work. And his regrets Increase.
-reverse-parallel to Luke going against Yoda’s orders to save his friends?
-Honestly, who even knows why Luke went where he went, left Artoo where he did with the information it had, why Artoo woke up when it did, etc. I DON’T KNOW HIS STARTING POINT HERE.
--He has to take steps back into the world, offer what assistance he can.
He gets super into the cycles, parallels stuff. A conversation with Leia happens something like this:
---“The Force encourages these things to happen… cyclically.”
---Leia narrows her eyes. “You are not Ben Kenobi, Luke,” she says. “And my son is not Darth Vader 2.0.”
---“No, of course not. It’s not a second verse, same as the first, it’s more… a refrain? A reprise? Similar, but distinct.”
---Leia snorts. “You don’t know nearly enough about music to be making that comparison.”
---“I really don’t.”
-Again, heck if I know. She’s fallen into the rut of Rebel General - if you can call that a “rut” - same as Han fell back into smuggling. She couldn’t turn her back on the Resistance the way Han might’ve done smuggling, though; she’s made a commitment, she has to see it through. She believes in her son’s inherent goodness, though. Maybe that’s something to work with.
-Low key grieving? She’s not a big presence here.

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