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~*~*spooky*~*~ messages from beyond the grave

“I should have warned you,” Luke said, handing Rey a small cup of something hot and savory Chewbacca had made. She drank it down greedily - her time in the water had left her freezing inside, and not all of it from the cold. She’d spent enough time feeling like ice inside to know something hot in her belly helped more than made sense.

“You keep saying that,” Rey said once she’d finished the cup and handed it back to Chewbacca for more. “Why? What was that, in the water? Why did I see - ” Her voice broke, and she stopped for a moment to swallow thickly.

“What did you see?” Luke asked.

Rey shook her head. “I don’t know - it didn’t make any sense. I was me, but I wasn’t, I was - I was Valo Ren. That’s what she called herself.” Luke made a bit-off, distressed sound. “And she was on Starkiller Base, and you were there, and then…” She swallowed, looking down at her hands. It felt like there should be blood on them. “It was Han and Kylo Ren all over again.”

Luke sighed. “So it was him, then.”

Rey glanced up; he looked more upset than he sounded. “I thought you knew. You told Chewbacca you felt it.”

Luke took a moment to drink deeply from his own cup. “I felt Han pass,” he said at last. “When you know someone as long, and as well, as I knew Han… you recognize their presence in the Force, even if they aren’t sensitive to it.”

So that was how General Organa had known, Rey realized. She’d wondered about that, about the sadness that had already been in the general’s eyes when Rey stood on the Falcon’s gangplank alone. Even before the Falcon had landed, she’d known.

“But you didn’t feel Kylo Ren kill him?”

Luke shook his head. “I barely knew my nephew. I was so busy building my school during his childhood, and by the time he joined there were so many of them - maybe too many, if I couldn’t see Snoke’s influence on him until it was too late.” He took another sip, eyes on Rey. “Valo Ren?”

Rey fought down a shudder and tried to remember. “I… she. Was waiting on Jakku for her family to come back, when you found her. Took her away for Jedi training. Where her family wouldn’t be able to find her. She hated you for that.”

“And Snoke took advantage of that,” Luke said slowly. Rey nodded. “I see.”

Rey wanted to spit out something sharp, something that would get Luke to explain. But remembering being Valo Ren had made her cold inside again, so she finished off her second cup of the broth instead. It didn’t help much with the cold, but it did dull the edge of her curiosity a little.

“I don’t see,” she said quietly, staring at the dregs at the bottom of her still-warm cup, resting in her palms. “Why did that happen? How? Was it real? It felt…”

“Both real and not real? Like a dream you’re sure you had before, but forgot?”

Rey glanced up at Luke, surprised. “Yes, exactly.”

Luke nodded. “That’s to be expected. The Jedi Temple here was a place where possibilities were studied, ways life could have gone if something… different had happened. Force visions about these possibilities were supposed to provide insight into your life as is stands, and guide you towards the path you’re destined to take.”

Rey looked out across the water, then down into its depths, imagining what the base of the mountain had looked like before the waters rose. “You said the Temple is underwater. So… now the water is the Temple?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

She took one large, deliberate step back from the shore.

Rubbing at a twinge in his cheek, Luke looked away. A vision of a life where Rey had taken the path his nephew currently walked… was it meant to forewarn Rey against the temptation of the Dark Side? Or to force upon her a sort of empathy for the man who had struck down her friends and destroyed worlds?

Both interpretations troubled him. He’d already lost a student to the Dark Side, in as disastrous a way as you could imagine - and Rey’s innate talent with the Force, so much greater than any student of Luke’s, even after years of training, could only lead to greater chaos should she fall. And if the vision was meant to make Rey empathetic for him… well.

Either his nephew was not as lost to the Light as Luke had assumed, or there was a greater darkness out there, one they would need the boy’s aid in fighting.

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