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a very good place to start

Luke followed Rey back down to the base of the island-mountain--

"It was just a mountain, once," Luke explained as they made their way around collapsed columns and down time-worn stairs, "long ago, before the ice melted and the waters rose." A tired look etched itself deeper on his face. "There was a Jedi temple at the base of the mountain, then."

--where they found R2-D2 sitting patiently where Rey had left it, at the end of the Falcon's unloading ramp. Chewbacca was nowhere to be seen.

"I might have known," Luke said, wearing something that might have been called a smile. He laid a hand against the droid's dome. "Hello, old friend." Artoo beeped and whirred a gentle chastisement. "Yes, it has been too long."

A rumbling percussive beat came from within the Falcon - her last remaining owner running through her halls and down the ramp to howl and wrap Luke up in his arms. Rey stepped away to give the reunion the privacy it deserved, watching the endless water and wishing the sound of the water bumping up against the island-mountain would overpower quiet words like "I felt it happen, I'm so sorry" and "he wouldn't have thanked you for saving him" and other awful things.

The movement of the water was almost hypnotic. Back and forth, back and forth... Rey wondered what caused it to move so, and decided it must have something to do with the things that lived below its surface. On their way here, following her gut feeling towards Luke, she had seen shadows in the water, of animals larger than her old speeder, some nearly as large as the Falcon itself. Their movement must move the water too, in giant shifts that spread out across the whole of this planet, only to end up here, brushing so gently against rocks and sand.

A hand on her shoulder startled Rey, and she was on her feet with arms raised in the handful of seconds it took her to spin around.

Luke was standing there, pulling his arm back, his hands up. He dropped his hands a half-second after Rey dropped hers. "Chewbacca speaks highly of you," he said. "As does Artoo."

Not sure what to say to this, Rey bent down to brush sand off her knees.

"And you do seem to have a certain natural talent," he added thoughtfully.

Rey's head snapped up. He couldn't be suggesting... had he changed his mind so easily?

"Tell me, Rey: why do you want to be a Jedi?"

"I don't," she said.

Luke's eyebrows shot up. "No?"

"I might need to be one, though." She pulled the lightsaber out of her bag and let herself look at it properly, for the first time. So many little intricate pieces, put together to make one very powerful whole. "I have this power, and I don't really understand it, and that scares me. I tried to run away from it, but... I can't. It's part of me, too big to ignore."

The lightsaber slowly lifted out of Rey's hands, drifting gently through the air to land in Luke's. When Rey let herself look into his eyes, she saw they were resigned... but also pleased?

"Alright then," he said, tucking the lightsaber away. "We can work with that."

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