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let's start at the very beginning

Rey couldn't remember seeing so much water in one place in her life.

She also couldn’t remember ever being so cold before - the star this planet orbited was bright, but the clouds that rolled off the water brought with them a chill that pervaded the air. The damp lessened the higher she climbed, but the height brought with it a different kind of cold, dry and numbing. With every breeze that clutched at her arms and tugged her hair, she thanked General Organa for the gift of new clothes, cut to her style but made of a thick, sturdy cloth. The warmth they gave her, and the knowledge that Chewbacca and R2-D2 were watching her from the base of the island-mountain, was all that kept her going at times.

Well, that, and the feeling she had, the certainty deep in her chest, that there was something important waiting at the top.

What she found there was an old man, long since gone grey, in hooded robes to match. He didn't resemble General Organa in any obvious way, and Rey had only ever heard the stories, never saw a face paired with the legend, but she knew. Somehow, she knew.

This was the man the First Order had attacked Jakku to find. This man was why Maz TK's castle had been destroyed. Things this man had done - and had failed to do - had lead to Rey and Finn watching, helpless, as Han had... and then Finn had... she took a shuddering breath, dug into her bag, and pulled out the lightsaber.

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

He looked at it, and her, with an absence of emotion she couldn't understand. But - no, not an absence of emotion. An absence of expression, maybe, but somehow, looking into his eyes, Rey knew the last word to describe his emotions was "absent".

After a silence too long to measure he approached Rey, and took the lightsaber from her shaking hand. He brought it close to his face, held in his fingertips like something delicate, staring at it like something precious. Then he handed it back to her, turning that same look on Rey herself. She swallowed reflexively, the speech she'd practiced during the trip here lodged in her throat.

"You're a long way from home, aren't you?" Luke Skywalker said. His voice was rough, like he hadn't had reason to use it in a long time. It was a familiar quality; Rey had heard it often enough in her own voice over the years.

Rey blinked rapidly, only realizing she'd been tearing up when her lashes came apart wet. "I don't know," she said, but Luke shook his head.

"There's somewhere else you'd rather be," he insisted. "Somewhere with people you love, people who need you. You should go to them."

As if he'd called up the thought in her mind, Rey's thoughts went to Finn, so still in that hospital bed - to General Organa, outwardly stolid, but heartsick enough to accept comfort from a stranger - to BB-8, doggedly circling her feet to prevent her leaving before it could give her a proper farewell. There were people she barely knew but still longed to see: BB-8's master, the X-wing pilots, the doctor in charge of Finn's case, that exasperating golden protocol droid R2-D2 was so fond of. She shook her head. "That's not home."

Luke frowned. "What else is?" She found she had no answer to that, and he turned back towards the water, raising his hood and sinking in on himself again. "Go home."

Panicking, Rey blurted out, "I can't!"

Luke turned back to face her.

Rey was supposed to tell him to come home, that Leia and the Resistance needed him. It was an argument the general had thought would convince him - and it had the benefit of being true. But now that she was standing in front of him, a different truth was coming to mind. You need a teacher. No matter how hateful the source, she knew he’d been right. She’d been able to fight him to a standstill injured, but in different circumstances?

She bit her lip, uncertain. Two birds with one stone? It was worth a try. "I can't. Not until I learn how to control this." She held out her hand and concentrated. Slowly, the lightsaber floated out of her grasp, hovering a few inches above her hand. After a few seconds it began to tremble, and at once she gasped and the lightsaber flew in Luke's direction. He stopped it in midair with the twitch of a finger, looking suddenly and terribly weary.

“And I’m your only hope.” He sighed.

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