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thing the forty-fifth [wip amnesty 2015 part 6]

Apparently I attempted a Young Justice not-dead Ted fic?? I have no memory of this, and yet.

MARCH 21, 19:20 EDT
"So, let me get this straight. You people have barbecue flavored chips, sour cream flavored chips, vinegar flavored chips, cheese flavored chips, salad dressing flavored chips, pizza flavored chips, even banana flavored chips - "

"Actually, I'm pretty sure those are made of - "

" - but you don't have chicken flavored chips."

Tim shrugged. "Not around here. And I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to go running to another state... or country... just to get some chicken chips." Bart blinked up at him innocently, practically radiating 'who, me?' and Tim rolled his eyes, though he knew Bart wouldn't see it behind his sunglasses. "Closest thing we've got is those Chicken Whizees you keep stealing from Jaime."

Bart smiled. "Am I to take that as tacit approval of my scavenging?"

Tim laughed. "So long as you aren't "scavenging" from my locker, we won't - " He was cut off by the klaxon of an intruder alert, and in a flash, Bart was gone. "Hey!" He ran down the hall to the mission room, following the gust of wind in Bart's wake. He arrived to arrived to find most of the available team already there - Mal Duncan, Nightwing, Garfield, and Bart - already there. But not... "Where's Jaime?"

"Gone," Mal said. "Abducted, by the look of things."

Pulling up several video feeds on one of the computer's holographic screens, Nightwing added, "Someone got past our security system, but Blue Beetle disappearing so suddenly without a Zeta-Tube activating didn't go unnoticed." He wound back the video feeds until he caught sight of Jaime, out of costume, walking through one of the halls near the locker room. Bringing up alternate angles on that area, Nightwing set the video to play back in realtime, audio included.

"I know he keeps breaking into my locker," Jaime was complaining to the air - or more likely to his suit's AI, given the information Superboy had passed along a few weeks ago, "but it's just freeze-dried chicken, it's not like he's dangerous." He paused. "No! I already said no eliminating teammates, how many times do I have to - "

Jaime stopped talking because a hole had opened up in the air in front of him. Nothing dark or sinister about it; it was actually a kind of pastel-y rainbow color that would've seemed harmless if it didn't hurt a little to look at. Bart frowned; that color seemed familiar. Where did he know that - oh yeah!

"Hey, that's what outside looked like while I was time traveling!"

[[fjkdlj ugh no reframe the below, make it a team post analysis based only on the video footage the base's cameras picked up (since jaime has no memory of any of it)]]

A guy wearing yellow and blue spandex and some pretty crash shades popped his head out of the hole in the air. He spotted the two of them and grinned. "Here you are!"

"Booster?" Bart paused in the middle of winding up a punch. It sounded like Jaime knew Crash Shades Guy, and from the way the armor was retracting, he was probably friendly. Looked like this wasn't gonna be an intruder fight after all. Shame, Bart had wanted to experience one of those from the other side. "What are you - ?"

"There's no time," Crash Shades Guy, apparently named Booster, said. "Well, there is, but there really isn't. Come on, I'll explain on the way!"

"The way to where?" Jaime asked, before squawking, "Booster!" as the guy tugged him into the hole in the air, which prompted disappeared behind them. After a few seconds, the sirens shut down too.

"Huh," Bart said.

Then he picked up the bag of Chicken Whizees and chowed down. Scavenger's rights were scavenger's rights, even in the past.

Just as he was finishing off the bag, the Intruder Alert sirens came back on, the time travel-colored hole opened up again, and Jaime stumbled out, the full armor slowly pulling back to reveal his clothes from earlier. He was grinning ear to ear... until he saw Bart. "Come on, I'm gone for five minutes and you're already stealing my food again?"

"Okay, a: that was, like, a minute, and b: what just happened? Who was that guy?"

"Name's Booster Gold, kid," said Booster, poking his head out of the hole in the air. "Jaime, c'mere, I've still gotta - "

"Sure, whatever," Jaime said, grin back up. "Man, I had no idea he was so - "

"I know."

"And so- "

"I know," Booster repeated, smiling himself. He pulled out something that looked like a penlight and held it up to Jaime's eyes one at a time.

"But..." Jaime's smile slid off his face. "If he didn't make it, then who - ?"

Booster shrugged. "I don't know what to tell you, Jaime. He wasn't even the one that found the thing, he inherited it from a friend." He flipped a switch on the penlight and the light went out. "Skeets, now."

A robotic voice said [Yes, sir,] and a burst of yellow-red light came out of the penlight, hitting Jaime square between the eyes. He stumbled back, blinking slowly.

"Hey!" Bart was there to steady him before he could think twice. "What did you do to him?" Jaime's pulse was steady, but his gaze was vacant, and he didn't seem aware of himself, or of anything at all.

"Erased his memory of the last day or so," Booster said, pocketing the clearly-not-a-penlight. "I needed his help, but he can't know what he did. No one can."

"So, what, you gonna erase my memory too?" Balancing Jaime against the wall, Bart freed up his hands and gestured for Booster to bring it on. "Go ahead and try, but you'll never catch me. I'm too fast for you."

"I know," Booster said. "And I'm not gonna try. You're a time traveler too, you understand the need to keep secrets."

Bart tried very carefully not to freeze up. He was a better actor than this, damn it. "What are you - ?"

"I know why you came back, to save Barry." Bart winced; damn it. "It didn't crash the mode, not on its own, but it helped. And so will you, here. And Jaime, and the rest of your team."

"And you?"

Booster snorted. "Me? Nah, I'm more like a referee these days. Preventing temporal interference."

"And what I did didn't count as interference?"

"Not from where I'm standing."

Bart looked Booster up and down, glanced at Jaime, who looked to be recovering, and laughed. "I think you're biased, ref."

Booster shrugged, ducked back into his hole in spacetime, and vanished.

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