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thing the forty-first [wip amnesty 2015 part 2]

This one, if I recall correctly, is a large extract from what eventually became Thank You For..., a fic about Steve Wanting to smoke but feeling as though he doesn't Deserve to. The fic originally was a broad approach to "things smol Steve couldn't do that future Steve tries". Your basic post-Avengers "Steve adjusting to the future" fic, really.

It very quickly got too big for me to handle, though, so I dropped 80-90% of the material. I only fleshed out two of the elements significantly, so a chunk of this is pretty bulletpointed/notficcy.

Steve grew up poor and sick in the 1930s. The Great Depression took over his teenage years. This (he) is historical fact, but the longer he lives in the 21st century the easier it seems for people to forget that. They're shocked by things he did, things he had to do, and most of all by the things he couldn't do.

One day while he's spinning his wheels waiting for news from Natasha, he opens up his notebook and makes a new list. It's not like the other list, full of suggestions of things he doesn't need to know, but at the same time needs to know - it's a list of things people were shocked to learn he doesn't already know, or hasn't already done.

It's a lot longer than he'd like.

He crosses off the things that are knowledge based, that he looked up afterward or had immediately explained to him. A few things he adds to the other list, figuring if he was expected to know about them they must be important, one way or another. A few more he has no interest in following up on, and a couple he puts into a separate list, too modern to fit on this list. Satisfied with the number remaining, he rewrites them on a new page. He adds one or two lines of his own, ideas out of a skinny asthmatic's fever dreams, and titles the page "Things I Never Got To Do".

When Tony finds out, he laughs and calls it a bucket list.

Steve looks the phrase up, and he has to admit... Tony's not wrong.

#[x]: Run a Marathon

At first, Steve thinks he's going to have to map out a route of his own - which shouldn't be too hard, he still knows Brooklyn like the back of his hand - but then he finds out about the New York City Marathon.

He learns about it too late for the drawing or to run a qualifying race somewhere else, but it turns out there are charities you can run for. They've got all kinds of causes - advocacy, medicine, animals, the environment, children and families - but in the end he picks one that raises money for wounded veterans.

He registers, dolls up his page, and posts a link to his page on one of the official Captain America social media pages Pepper Potts had set up. Within a day, his fundraising goal is met - within a day, the team's fundraising goal is met, more than met with the corporate matching gift Stark Industries immediately promised.

Quietly - or less so, in Tony's case - the other Avengers, official and otherwise, register to run too. They don't all pick the same charities, but he's sure that each cause is no less important to them than helping former soldiers is to him.

(natasha - girls on the run? bruce - doctors without borders. bucky - back on my feet? sam is also veterans, though he picks a different charity from steve. there's one for army rangers somebody should run - maybe thor, in coulson's name? steve wonders if he can register a second time with the uso team? or another veterans one??)

In the end, a full dozen people wearing a patch with the now familiar A run the marathon. All of them finish the race with respectable times. Steve loops back around at the 40km mark twice, picking up with the runners crossing the Queensboro Bridge so he doesn't cut the winning time in half, though he doesn't think they'd count it anyway, what with the serum giving him an unfair advantage.

He never could've done this before, not with the way he'd huff and puff every couple hundred meters. Sure, he'd managed Basic, but he'd managed it wheezing and trailing along behind the pack. Now, running's as easy as breathing is supposed to be, and the adrenaline rushing through his system makes him feel like flying. It's effortless and wonderful, and before the race he got to tell a dozen veterans how honored he was to run for them, which was wonderful in its own way.

#[x+1]: Dinner From a Different Continent Every Night

This one didn't start out titled like that - it started out as "Sudanese? Thai?" because Tony and Pepper were discussing dinner one night and listed off a half-dozen countries as possibilities, some of which Steve suspected hadn't been countries before he was frozen. They'd decided on some strange twist on classic French cooking in the end, and until Tony discovered the list that was the end of it.

When Tony discovered the list, though.
(it starts with pepper suggesting sudanese for dinner & steve being only 75% sure what that was - tony realizes suddenly that steve has not been exposed to the wonderful multicultural world of nyc takeout, and decides to make an adventure of it. one night per continent, barring antarctica and australia because reasons, means they've got five nights of eating. sudanese for africa, something classically new york - yet not so classic that steve might've had it back in the day - for north america, brazilian? chilean? for south america, something slavic for europe, natasha'll like that - ooh, asia. so many delicious choices. chinese seems obvious, but... 'you know, chinatown existed back in the 40s.' yeah, but that doesn't mean you ate there. '...well, no.' ha! 'but i've had chinese since i was defrosted. dc's got a decent variety in restaurants, and i'm not that good a cook.' okay, then - ooh, pepper, /sushi/. we /have/ to introduce captain america to sushi. 'actually...' damn it rogers, you are /trying/ to ruin all my fun. okay then, thai? or indian. yes, i think indian, let's give steve a nice vindaloo to try.

for reference, here is the movie canon summary of patient's health issues:
scarlet fever
rheumatic fever
chronic or frequent colds
high blood pressure
palpitation or pounding in heart
easy fatigability
heart trouble
nervous trouble of any sort
has had household contact with tuberculosis
parent/sibling with diabetes

so, potential things steve has never tried before, because of his health, his class, the time period, etc.:

- seen the grand canyon. this is apparently pseudocanon comics canon, planning to go see the grand canyon with bucky after the war? idk idk, haven't read them. they are dumb and wrong about steve's background.
- owning property?? like, a house/apartment? ugh, no, this sounds super sad. living alone?? ugh, that sounds sadder. (also, he obv doesn't enjoy that.)
- something involving his bisexuality???? [openly] checking out a guy? i guess that could be a thing he never tried.

and the one he doesn't like
- smoking. he breathes the wrong way, coughs until he's red in the face, and grins. i always knew these'd be no good to me, even after i got the serum and could breathe easy. 'then why - ' i always wanted to try 'em, even though.

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