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I was trying to write giftfic for my sister I don't even know how long ago, and she suggested I write Joanbell. Around the same time this post came across my tumblr dash. Two and two made four, and the following happened.

After a few restless nights spent reviewing the material, Sherlock finds that his preference is for songs of the so-called “Disney Renaissance”. )
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Here's a confession for you: until they revealed Jaime was going to be in Season Two, I had no intention of watching Young Justice. (I wish I hadn't been so judgmental of the show based on its fandom; it's a very well put together, well structured show, relishes in legacy characters and incorporating as much of DC comics canon as physically possible, even when you'd think it impossible. It's a shame it seems to take so long to make, and that they're considering ending the show after S2.) Of course, once he was there, I went about my business plugging my ears to the only logical reason he could be a superhero.

Which is to say, I was hoping for something like this, even though I knew it was unlikely.

And then I started writing silly, ridiculous things re: that scenario, before we even had a canon first appearance for Jaime.

"Alert. Unidentified craft approaching Mount Justice. Alert." )
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Though I have mixed feelings towards Comics, I adore Cartoons Based On Comics as a whole; likewise, Comics Based On Cartoons Based On Comics tend to be good. They get to do things with characters not licensed for animated works, while still keeping to the less convoluted timelines and generally lighter storytelling found in the cartoon!

Brave & the Bold #13 was an All the Robins! story that brought in Robins from the present, future, and alternate universes; on the last page, it also pulled in present, future, and alternate universe Batgirls. Naturally, I wanted to expand on that. Unfortunately, I'd yet to read anything featuring a good half of these characters in their Robin or Batgirl forms, so my characterization was... well.

Something of a dialogue-heavy outline of my first attempt. )

A more prose-like Robin!Steph POV immediately following #13, intended to lead up to the introduction of Batgirls (but which never got that far in the story). )