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Hi, I'm Meredith! I'm 25, aro ace, Jewish, and prefer she/her pronouns. I go by gladdecease most everywhere (Meredith ~ merry death ~ glad decease, I was 14 and it sounded both deep and unique), and for the most part I'm a lurker. I write, but rarely crosspost or advertise my fics. I tumbl, but cut back on it in April due to lifesuck. I tweet, when I have no other outlet for rants or want to talk about something no one I know cares about.

My dreamwidth has been, up until mid-2014, a place to abandon WIPs and scenes too incomplete for AO3 posting... as well as for my once in a blue moon original fiction. Mid-2014, livejournal became almost completely incompatible with my browser/computer/life, and I started using dreamwidth for more blog-like purposes.

I don't blog a lot, either way, but if that's something you'd be interested in, feel free to subscribe!

Currently the prompt tables/bingo cards in the comments are for [community profile] originalfic100, [ profile] 50scenes, [ profile] spn_30snapshots, [ profile] crossovers100, [community profile] trope_bingo, [ profile] 100_fairytales, and [community profile] ladiesbingo. Please don't comment on them - your comments will be screened regardless, but I edit in links as the prompts get filled, and your replies would prevent me from doing that. (If you want to comment on this post, that's fine! Your comment will still be screened, but it won't interfere with anything.)

Below the cut are the invite codes I've been given over the years. PM or email me if you've taken one? I'd like to know which've been used and which haven't.

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Long time, blah blah, life, blah blah, you know the drill by now.

Though tbh, I mostly haven't posted because I haven't been writing. (Life, seriously.) But I did put myself to work at a significant project for a few months, and I've been thinking about it enough lately that I decided to just post what I'd been thinking.

So, here is the story of the trope_bingo single fic blackout that didn't happen.

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I was trying to write giftfic for my sister I don't even know how long ago, and she suggested I write Joanbell. Around the same time this post came across my tumblr dash. Two and two made four, and the following happened.

After a few restless nights spent reviewing the material, Sherlock finds that his preference is for songs of the so-called “Disney Renaissance”. )
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Next up: an ancient TWoof OC POV thing! I think this one was supposed to have a clever "aha! you think you know who these characters are but you don't" reveal, wherein the alpha mentioned is Scott, not Derek? I don't know, it's been forever since I thought about this one.

Have you ever had a single day fundamentally change your life? A day that took everything you thought to be true and turned it on its head? )